Klegen sh.p.k company was created in 1998, while “Klegen” dairy was formed in 2003, it was formed as a specialized company in the product of dairy products. It works under a modern technology with latest machine and inspected from highly trained workers, which includes engineers, food technologist and qualified workers. We work with regional form of Shkodra district, mostly from Northern region of Albania.

Special Value

For the first in Albania this factory managed to produce UHT longlife milk, packed with special bottles with several layers, which passes under thermic sophisticated technology always without damaging nutrition value of the products, securing high life shelf of the product in room temperature for 6 months.

Security of Klegen products

Klegen products are 100% natural, without conservations, packed and wrapped with modern machine, which guarantee high standard of security, saving it’s traditional flavoring also it passes under several analysis and controls in special laboratories, a process that has been highly appreciated from the company investing in equipment’s of high technology .


Food security, high quality, modern packing, quality service, has made that Klegen products become one of the most respected and requested from Albanians, the company is finalizing the last but not least investing’s to insure high capacity and improve logistic, with cause to serve to consumer as well as possible.